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Discussion in 'Training & Development' started by adamramsey91, Feb 24, 2014.

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  1. adamramsey91

    adamramsey91 Bit Poster

    Hey all,

    I posted on here around 18 months- 2 years ago for some advice for my first Microsoft cert, time had passed and I was involved in a software roll out, of which that is now all tied up and I am finally biting the bullet, I was dithering around too much and now decided I NEED to get a cert.

    I have been shopping around, and noticed they have re-branded the MCITP back to the original MCSE, that said, I have noticed the introduction of the new MCSA: Microsoft Solutions Associate which has caught my eye. I have been in a desktop support role for just over four years and want to progress my role and once the certification is obtained re-negotiate my salary ( won't bore you with the details).

    Anyway on the basis of my brief question above which cert would be the best one to go for? I guess the MCSA is the more 'beginner' cert?

    Also on the note of training providers, which ones have the best reputation? have been trawling Google but they are few and far between, Firebrand is the one that regularly crops up but they aren't cheap.

    Understand many of you will say self study, but I have the attention span of a goldfish so think some practical lab work would be the way to go.

  2. shadowwebs

    shadowwebs Megabyte Poster

    self study alongside setting up a lab is the best way to go, I have recently been looking at how to Install / Configure Server 2012 and Exchange 2013, I have used self-study means and virtualisation software to run evaluation copies to break and learn from... in relation to where to start, have you thought about doing the compTIA A+?
    Certifications: compTIA A+, Apple Certified Technical Coordinator 10.10 (OS X Yosemite, Server and Support)
  3. SimonD
    Honorary Member

    SimonD Terabyte Poster

    I would point you to my post here which I put up to assist in situations like this.

    Personally speaking I myself prefer the classroom approach but that's because I prefer the networking side of courses as well as the ability to ask questions there and then.
    Certifications: CNA | CNE | CCNA | MCP | MCP+I | MCSE NT4 | MCSA 2003 | Security+ | MCSA:S 2003 | MCSE:S 2003 | MCTS:SCCM 2007 | MCTS:Win 7 | MCITP:EDA7 | MCITP:SA | MCITP:EA | MCTS:Hyper-V | VCP 4 | ITIL v3 Foundation | VCP 5 DCV | VCP 5 Cloud | VCP6 NV | VCP6 DCV | VCAP 5.5 DCA
    WIP: VCP6-CMA, VCAP-DCD and Linux + (and possibly VCIX-NV).
  4. adamramsey91

    adamramsey91 Bit Poster

    Thanks Simon - really helpful in helping me to decide whether I would rather self study or use a training provider.

    Out of the certs, which one would you say is the hottest one to get? I would rather aim a little higher then CompTIA as I have four years experience under my belt and the ability to utilise most MS products at work.

    One of the managed service guys recommended the 12' MCSE - but looking at the syllabus it looks like it's aimed at someone higher up the food chain.
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2014
  5. adamramsey91

    adamramsey91 Bit Poster

    Have spent 3 hours this evening looking into certs, have an inkling that the MCSA Server 2012 may be the way to go, after a bit of research I see people have beeb suggesting to wait until March 31st until the official MS Press R2 update book is out, assume this is what they are alluding to? - http://www.amazon.co.uk/Exam-Ref-70...4699&sr=8-2&keywords=microsoft+server+2012+r2

    Which video tutorials are the best bang for buck? will probably install Windows Server 2012 to Virtualbox this evening and get a feel for the UI & how it operates.

    Thanks again for your input everyone, would be in a bit of a rut without this forum.
  6. wagnerk
    Highly Decorated Member Award

    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    Just like to point out that the new MCSA/MCSE is not the same as the old MCSA/MCSE...

    MCSA - Microsoft Certified Systems Admin
    MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

    MCSA - Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
    MCSE - Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
    Certifications: CITP, PGDip, BSc, HNC, LCGI, PTLLS, MCT, MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, MCSA:M, MCSA, MCDST, MCP, MTA, MCAS, MOS (Master), A+, N+, S+, ACA, VCA, etc... & 2nd Degree Black Belt
    WIP: MSc in Tech Management

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