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Advice for job searching and what to go for?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Solkazo, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. Solkazo

    Solkazo Bit Poster

    Firstly I apologize if questions like this shouldn't be asked in this section, I checked through the forums and couldn’t locate any rules against a post like this one :biggrin

    Im just looking for advice really, from people who have entered the ICT working industry.
    As it stands, im currently doing a HND Business computing, unfortunately its just not for me - so im planning on leaving and getting an entry level Full time job in ICT.
    My current Qualifications are BTEC Nat Dip ICT (3x distinctions) and CCNA 1 and 2 (never attempted 3) and as for my practical experience I work part time as a computer technician at a local computer store - I deal with customers, building / fixing computers, taking calls and sometimes going to businesses with my colleague to help out with network implementation.

    I have an interview coming up this Thursday for a first line support technician, i have heard so many horror stories about this position (It being Dull, people not respectful etc.) But im more than happy to flunk the wages since it would be irrational to think I’d be on £18k+ a year right from college ! Would this be a good start though ? and would it lead me somewhere better in the future ?
    I have a terrible feeling im not ready for this responsibility - self doubt is a real killer :oops:

    Are there any other roads to go down ?
    I would love to be working with networks eventually, desktop hands on support and other practical roles such as this.

    Thank you for your time;
    Regards Nath
    Certifications: HND Computing and Business
    WIP: Exam 70-680
  2. westernkings

    westernkings Gigabyte Poster

    I work as a Systems Support Administrator at the moment supporting a few major companies, day to day, it is server checks, plan for the day, supporting employees remotely and general support work which isn't too bad. I get a lot of exposure to servers, firewalls, networks in general, get put in charge of developing and implementing various things for the company on my own. So all in all, for my first IT job at 19, I get quite a lot out of it, however, desktop support and the variations on that title can mean hundreds of different things.

    Working at the Dell call centre for example, the difference between answering the phone day in day out hundreds of times is a far cry from what I do, but broadly speaking, in the job advertisement, the description would probably be the same.

    First line is never a bad thing, we all have to start somewhere, if you can live on the wage and you ENJOY what you do, then you won't really mind.

    I enjoy coming to work, so the **** wage for now is countered, by the time I need a salary increase (like, the point where I cannot afford to live) I Will probably have a couple of years experience and a few certifications so will be in a better position to say "keep me on a higher wage or hire someone to train up all over again".

    It's a ladder mate, and we all start here, just make sure you ask questions at the interview which I assume is with the IT manager ? ask him what a average day is for someone else with your role, if it sounds like its all answering phones and password changes then what's the point ? ask him about exposure and training ?

    most of us go this way mate. it's not all doom a gloom.

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