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Adobe, Microsoft Could Be Headed to Court...

Discussion in 'News' started by Mr.Cheeks, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. Mr.Cheeks

    Mr.Cheeks 1st ever Gold Member! Gold Member


    Adobe, Microsoft Could Be Headed to Court Over PDF Support

    Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) Latest News about Microsoft could soon face another private antitrust Latest News about antitrust suit after talks with Adobe (Nasdaq: ADBE) Latest News about Adobe broke down over the level of support Microsoft would include for portable document format (PDF) in its upcoming Office 2007 suite.

    Reports say Microsoft expects Adobe to file suit, most likely in Europe, where regulators have taken a particularly hard-line stance against Microsoft of late, after talks between the two companies broke down in recent weeks.
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    At issue is apparently the ability of Office 2007 users to save a variety of Office document formats -- such as those in Word, Excel or PowerPoint format -- as PDF files. Adobe may feel such a feature poses a threat to its Acrobat software, a paid version of which enables users to do the same thing....

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    1. zimbo
      bottom line is the EU doesnt like microsoft! so looks like europe will be having its own line of office 2007 like vista - minus pdf support and media player... hmmm this is getting good!
    2. wagnerk
      Great :rolleyes: ...

      User: Help office doesn't work.
      Support: Which version of office are you using?
      User: Don't know, I just what office to work.
      Support: D'oh


      I'm starting to get anoyed with all the politics. Oh well, back to work :D
    3. simongrahamuk
      I have to admit that I've started to deploy the 'N' version of XP at work because we usually remove media player, and it's kind of nice to know that there is a version out there that comes pre configured without it, but can be easilly installed if needed!

      I hope that the office version(s), if thats what it turn out to be comes with the same easy option of installing the features as the XP version does! 8)
    4. zimbo
      yeah but to end users who you trying to explain that due to eu rules blah blah you cant use this feature because... like wag says its all politics! :(
    5. simongrahamuk
      True, but the normal end user usually buys a PC from a store, and we all know how much crap they come bundled with. You think that they'll notice the difference? 8)
    6. Mr.Cheeks
      ...and the 'N' version is?
    7. simongrahamuk
      The version of XP that comes without Windows Media Player installed.

      It was introduced as a result of an EC ruling. More here.
    8. Mr.Cheeks
      ..so the price of N version and normal XP is the same, why would you want to buy this then? i know with SGUK, the pricing scheme is different cuz its for education license, but for me, why would i, the average user buy it? if i dont want to user Media Player then, i wont use it, i'll set something else as a default player...

      But i can see why Adobe are making a fuss about the pdf...
    9. Baba O'Riley
      Baba O'Riley
      I don't think Adobe have much hope of winning that one. There already (free) programs that allow you to save any file as a pdf, MS aren't doing anything new.
    10. Mr.Cheeks
      but they are bundling it within their office. and thats a massive impact base

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