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Accessible Technology guide launched at BCS Inclusiv-IT-y 2009 event

Discussion in 'News' started by UKDarkstar, Nov 5, 2009.

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    Accessible Technology guide launched at BCS Inclusiv-IT-y 2009 event

    BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, recently hosted a one-day event to encourage and support a better understanding of making IT accessible for people with disabilities. The event, Inclusiv-IT-y 2009, showcased some of the initiatives the Institute is working on in this area. Speakers included experts from across Europe who shared their success stories, provided information on the latest developments on accessible applications, and provided insight into the latest legislation.

    The event was also the platform for the launch of the Accessible Technology Guide for IT professionals, (a revised version of The IT Directors’ Guide to Accessible IT first published by the Information Technologists’ Company and sponsored by Royal Mail Group in May 2007).

    Geoff McMullen, chair of the Institute’s panel on inclusion said: “As the professional organisation for IT, it is vital that we share our expertise in this area and encourage understanding of the importance of making IT accessible to all. I am particularly keen to raise awareness among our members and other IT professionals of the liberating possibilities of IT for those excluded for any reason.”

    Full story : HERE
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