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  1. flex22

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    A - Add a network printer by searching Active Directory

    B - (haven't decided yet)

    C - Configure printers via the printer properties

    D - Defining Printers.Defining a printer informs the OS of the printer's existence.You can define a local printer, a network printer, or define a printer over the internet.

    E - (still thinking)

    F - Fax service, is as integrated as the printer service.

    G - Graphical Device Interface (GDI).Applications send documents as a series of calls to the GDI.

    That's it so far.I'll add it this list of course.Please add your own for any and all letters you wish to.

    Also point out any errors in my list, if you spot any.

    Thanks :!:
  2. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    B- Browe the Netowrk for availablr printers.

    L - Local Printer (attached to this computer)

    N- Network attached device, or connected to another computer on the network

    P - Print Server - A dedicated server that hosts the print queue, with (possibly) several print devices attached.

    T - Terminology ( a la Microsoft) as follows
    Printer = the software interface installed on your client PC.
    Print Device = the bit hat actually churns out the paper
    Printer driver = what it says ! The print device can be configured with drivers for multiple OS's, which the client downloads automatically the first time it connects to the device.

    G = Garbled, but you know what I'm getting at above :wink:
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  3. flex22

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    I like those, good work.

    Where you said you configure the print device with printer drivers Jak.Don't you actually configure the printer, not the pritner device.
  4. AJ

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    S= Size, paper that is

    W= watermark, normally an option in the print driver

    F= Faxes and printing to a fax device/modem

    T= TCP port

    just a few for now will have another go l8er
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  5. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Got me thinking now, Flex.

    As far as I recall, when you install the print device on the print server, you are able to specify drivers for other OS's.

    Then when clients connect to that print device (ie create a printer on their PC, they automatically download the driver for their OS

    As always, I'll stand corrected when wrong.
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  6. nugget
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    nugget Junior toady

    Q=Print Queue


    I=IP of the said print device

    M=MAC driver, the device driver located at the Media Access Control sublayer of the OSI reference model

    O=OSI reference model

    P=Packet, a unit of information transmitted as a whole from one device to another on a network
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