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Discussion in 'A+' started by brent, Jul 28, 2003.

  1. brent

    brent Nibble Poster

    Getting close to going onto A+ workshops, Any tips for exam, areas I should be aware of or tips on what I should expect. :cussing
  2. Sandy

    Sandy Ex-Member

    The exam has changed since I did it over 2years ago it was two 65 question monsters - I hear the number of questions has dropped as it has gone "Adaptive" perhaps somebody how has recently sat can help here.

    The A+ is a facts and figures type exam you need to know the detail.

    I used the Mayers book (it still sits on my desk it is a Gold Mine of information).
  3. Jakamoko
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    Jakamoko On the move again ...

    Agreed with McSandy - the Gold Book is a No 1 point of reference. Amen.

    The exam was adaptive when I sat it (them) - means that if you answer progressively more difficult questions early on, you get a shorter exam (more time in the pub !)

    BUT - don't worry if you get more questions than you might have been expecting - it means you're getting a sort of "last chance" to pass.

    Not a very good explanation, but if someone would like to explain it better, then please do - and could you also cover the Offside Rule when your at it ??? :roll:
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  4. tripwire45
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    Are you planning to sit for both the Hardware and OS sections on the same day? A lot of people split them up for different days, but I could never stand delaying gratification and took them back to back. I already knew the hardware pretty well, but was nervous about the OS section, so spent most of my time studying that area.

    The adaptive nature of the exam through me off a bit. The test ended so abruptly, that at first, I thought something had gone wrong. It took me a second or so to actually realize that I'd passed. One more thing. No matter how much I thing I understand a test and how well I do on the mock exams, the real thing is always just a bit unexpected.

    Good luck, Brent.
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  5. Nelix
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    Sorry i cant help on the Off side rule nut the A+ is a different matter

    The exam is made up of 20-30 questions, if, by the time you hit the 20 question mark, your score is more than the pass rate required then the exam will end and the survey will begin, DO NOT skip the survey because no matter what your score is, if you skip the survey, YOU FAIL. However if by the time you reach the 20 th question your score is not equal to or greater than the required score the exam will continue to ask you questions until you hit (or pass) the required score upto a maximum of 30 questions, and again the survey will then start, if by the time you reach 30 questions you have still not reached the required pass score you fail, in either instance you will not be told weather you have passed until after the survey.

    Hope this helps. and just to remind you "DO NOT SKIP THE SURVEY"
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