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Discussion in 'A+' started by nugget, Nov 23, 2004.

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    Thanks to all members that attended the A+ quiz. With a couple more members turning up this time, it made for a great night and I think everyone enjoyed themselves (I hope).

    Time now to put up some scores;

    Firthy2002 was the eventual winner of this round with 6
    MrNice in with 5
    Punkboy101 with 4
    and devip with 3

    With the scores carrying over from the first round the updated list is as follows;

    1. Punkboy101 9
    2. Doctorlegg 7
    3. Firthy2002 6
    4. MrNice 5
    5. Bull Gates 3
    6. devip 3
    As you can see when there are few members participating each has a greater chance at more points and when more turn up then the chance for big points is less.

    Please let me know what you think.:D
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  2. devip

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    The quiz session was really nice though i didn't score well. I get to know new information about different types of motherboards, SATA etc.
  3. doctorlegg

    doctorlegg Bit Poster

    Looking forward to the next one. Apologies again for backing out of monday's quiz and thanks again for organising these - the effort is much appreciated by everyone I'm sure.

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  4. noelg24

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    I'm sorry too so I hope to make the next one...this time can we make it on a wednesday? if no one else is doing anything on wednesdays that is...cos the rest of the week I am quite busy. but well done to those were there especially the new batch...
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