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Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by tripwire45, Jan 23, 2005.

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    The human kind...not computers. My next book seems somewhat stalled so I'm idle when I should be extremely busy. I'm also not getting paid which kind of miffs me off...especially when Wiley (the publisher I did my first book for) offered me another book straight off and I happened to accept the other publisher's project instead.

    Fortunately, my co-author is self employed and works frequently with various recruiters. One offered her a job (we signed an NDA so naturally, I can't give details) basically editing content for a decent hourly wage. There was far too much for her to complete by the deadline so she offered me part of the job. I accepted.

    This put me in touch with the recruiter who was not only happy I was working on the job with my partner but resulted in him asking for a copy of my resume and quals. I also sent him my author's bio and publication list (which forced me to update all those docs).

    Moral of the story is that it pays to establish and maintain good contacts in the industry. You never know where your next job or next side job is coming from.

    Whenever I work on a job, I always get contact info from the other techs and supervisors and then do a follow up call or email. You never know when someone will remember you favorably when they have a job they need to get done.
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    A very good few points raised there trip

    firstly, its very important to keep a network of people open to yourself, you never know where your next oppertunity will come from
    I always make an effort to speak to recruiters who were lining me up with interviews once i secure a position, firstly to let them know I have found work, and secondly to keep in touch with them for next time im looking, same goes if your contracting, and on training courses, gather information from others, extend your network, and ultimatly share your experiance, thats what ITs all about, and im often calling buds up who are a bit more versed on product X and Y than I am, and they do the same for products A and B

    secondly it points out the importance of keeping your documents upto date and current, i know is a chore, and the last thing on your mind while your actually employed, but it helps hit the ground running when opertunities sneak up on you

    Thanks for the pointers trip, some very good advice for all
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    Couldn't agree more, and I think that the same "rules" apply whatever level your at in the industry. I actively try and increase the people I know and meet in any area of IT - as you say guys, you never know when the next time your going to be looking for work is going to come around....
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