A guided tour of the Microsoft Command Shell

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    A guided tour of the Microsoft Command Shell

    On the Linux platform, the text-based shell is the nexus of computational control and the point at which proper articulation of will can transform commands into consequences. The emulated DOS command shell found in Windows is a shallow farce by comparison, and Microsoft has done little over the years to imbue it with greater power. Now Microsoft is prepared to augment its antiquated command line with a revolutionary new shell that will provide Windows users with a whole new level of control. The Microsoft Command Shell (MSH) features a unique object oriented syntax, extensive support for versatile .NET technology, and an adequate assortment of commands. Available for free download from Microsoft's Beta site, the second MSH beta release provides profound insights into the future of the Windows command line.

    To read the complete story, click Here
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    1. Neall
      Looks good. Has anybody been able to try the beta yet?

    2. Boycie
      Can always recommend good links from you. :)
    3. ffreeloader
      Interesting.... Microsoft is copying the *nix variants again. Funny how their best ideas are always coming from someone else isn't it..... Now ole Billy Bob will probably want to patent this "idea" of his so no one else can put the same thing into an OS.

      After looking at this I can see why, if it isn't done correctly, it will be a huge security hole because someone has already published a proof of concept exploit using msh. It will be interesting to see if MS implements this securely, or if their underlying security design flaw in not having a true multi user system such as the *nix variants have mean this is just another, more powerful, way to compromise systems remotely.
    4. tripwire45
      Funny you should say that. Click the Link.
    5. ffreeloader
      Great link, trip. That's a really good article. It really points out just how unethical MS really is.

      The entire site is really good. I could spend entire days just surfing from one Linux site to the next reading. :)
    6. tripwire45
      Glad you like it. I see you already posted there. :wink:
    7. ffreeloader
      Just how long have you been keeping that site to yourself, trip? :tongue
    8. tripwire45
      Actually, I just noticed a link t that site today with the news item I posted earlier. Guess I'll have to take a look at it sometime, eh? :wink:

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