A few questions, Daisy chaining and BNC

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Hello World, May 16, 2005.

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    Right... im a little confused here by a few things.

    Firstly the BNC / coax thing, first impressions tell me they are the same thing, but meyer's is referring to them both as different things at times ... im pretty damn confused here. Can anyone clarify?

    Also daisy chaining ... ok now when i think of daisy chaining stuff i think of it like a chain... 1 goes into 2, 2 goes into 3, 3 goes into 4 ectera ... how exactly does USB and Firewire chaining work? I cant see the point in a USB hub other than to cut down on the lengths of wire and clean things up easy (like troubleshooting if a USB device dosnt work, if its one of the previous connections... maybe power output is too low so it aint travelling all the way across all the stuff .. .ectera).

    Bear in mind guys im thick, i swear i did a course last year in A+, ive learned more in 4 chapters of Meyers then i did in that class.
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    HW, BNC is the connector used with coaxial cable.


    You can either crimp it on or buy the screw on type. David Groth says the screw on type is very unreliable and advises avoding them.

    The only thing I remeber about dasiy chaining is that it is done with a usb hub if you are talking about usb. I would assume firewire is the same way. I belive you can daisy chain up to like 125 usb devices togather. The other dasiy chaining that I know of is when you have 2 hard drives or cd-roms. How the slaves cables are connected to the main cable is also referred to as daisy chaining. I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpfull on that one.
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    Coax is the cable type (usually thinnet or thicknet)
    BNC is the connector

    like RJ45 and UTP/Cat 5
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    You can daisy chain 127 USB devices together and 63 Firewire devices.

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