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A few CCNA questions

Discussion in 'Routing & Switching' started by mickeypendu, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. mickeypendu

    mickeypendu Bit Poster


    I have a couple of questions about CCNA 640-801:

    1. Has Cisco completely dropped all reference to learning switching on cat 1900 models (which are now end-of-sale) and that all questions on the exam will reference the cat 2950 series?

    i.e all configuration questions will relate to the 2950 way and not 1900?

    2 When learning about configuring OSPF in a single area there are a number of different network topologies to consider:

    a) Broadcast Multiaccess Network, e.g. LAN-ethernet
    b) Point to Point Network
    c) Point to Multipoint Network
    d) Nonbroadcast Multiaccess Network e.g. WAN-frame relay

    I believe that for CCNA we only need to know about (a) and that (b),(c) & (d) are for CCNP, BSCI?
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  2. Pete01

    Pete01 Kilobyte Poster

    As far as I know the 1900 is still fair game, the course I did last year included labs for the 1900.

    It would be a good idea to be familiar with all the frame-relay topologies and OSPF, I don't think you'll be expected to configure/troubleshoot a WAN and OSPF lab all in one question but be prepared to just in case you do.

    You don't know what they'll throw at you so it's best to go in prepared for the absolute worst you can expect. Building up to my exam I was doing labs that incorporated 5 router topologies with frame-relay, ISDN, OSPF, IGRP all in one, so that when it came to the exam I'd have no issues with any of the labs, that got thrown at me.

    I made the mistake first time round of not practicing switching enough and paid the price. As far as the 1900s go I think you need to be aware of the different IOS version and sytax, I don't think you'll get a lab for them but it's not impossible. They may not be on sale anymore but I'll bet there are plenty of them out there in use and will be for some time to come.

    Like with any exam it's best to over prepare, especially with the CCNA because you really don't know what will come up.
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  3. mickeypendu

    mickeypendu Bit Poster


    Concerning the 1900 I understand what you are saying and I have just recently purchased CCNA Portable Command Guide by Scott Empson (which by the way is quite a handy little book even if your not doing CCNA) and will borrow a 1900 from work and add it to my lab.

    I was actually reading my CCNP BSCI book on OSPF in Single Areas which got me thinking about the different network topolgies for the CCNA exam. Anyway I'll go back and re-read the chapter, because you never really know!!???

    It always a nice feeling when you can drop a topic from your revision. Nevermind off to the books again.
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    WIP: ccnp
  4. ChancesD

    ChancesD New Member


    The CCNA does not concern itself no more with the 1900 series of swithces and DOES with the 2950. At most on the exam they want you to know that the 1900 is a mainly menu driven IOS whereas the 2950 is pure CLI. You will be asked about STP, VLAN's, Pruning, trunking and of course base configuration.

    Regarding OSPF, it is single area, they do not test you on Multi-area OSPF such as Stub areas, Totally Stubby, NSSA etc. Most of the topologies are Broadcast based, however the Cisco Press book does cover all implementations such as NBMA, point-to-point. Most of which is based on whether you need a DR and BDR, whether multicasts can be sent as well as default Hello and Dead timers and finally, the use of sub-interfaces.

    How do I know? Just trust me, I speak with ALOT of CCNA candidates on a daily basis. :)

    Best of luck.

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