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Discussion in 'A+' started by LittleDude78, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. LittleDude78

    LittleDude78 New Member

    i am currently taking a class through college for my tests, and i am most definitely overwhelmed! Im wondering how i am going to remember all this info for the actual test. Any recommendations on what i can do?
  2. wagnerk
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    wagnerk aka kitkatninja Moderator

    Practice tests, flash cards, and do little but often revision :)
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  3. shahlapirnia

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    Repetition is key! Utilize different types of resources to cover the same material until you have gained mastery.

    Have you considered utilizing self-paced online video instruction for the A+ 1001/1002? There are a number of providers to choose from: professormesser.com, ITPro.TV, ITUOnline.com, TestOut.com, uCertify.com, Mike Meyers video series (Total Seminars) on Udemy.com, Jason Dion's courses on Udemy.com and more!

    You might benefit from reading through free online notes by CertBlaster.com for 1001/1002. Look under the tab entitled, "Learning" on their home page.

    Exam Cram Series books in paperback are also good compact resources for these types of examinations!

    At professormesser.com you can also participate in live study group sessions and/or view recorded study sessions.

    Good luck!
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  4. Juelz

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    I'm going to say something that's going to go against the grain so to speak.. I do not find anything Mike Meyers puts out useful, both his Udemy course and Books are filled with "fluff" his explanations which he intends to make it easy to understand are the complete opposite and will have you scratching your head. I watched like 25% of his Udemy course and was reading his A+ book and had to stop.. alot of what he was saying I could decode as I have like almost years experience, I have no idea how a beginner looking to learn from this man would pass this exam.
  5. LittleDude78

    LittleDude78 New Member

    Hi again all! Thanks for the input. I think the index cards would help alot with the acronyms, and basic commands in dos (command prompt). I’m not a complete newbie though, about 20 yrs ago i used to game with friends and learned the basic inside and outside’s of computers. Over the years i’ve fixed computers with alot of trial and error, or google searching and now im going for my a+ to start a career in the IT field. I just didnt know their was so much involved, and there is alot of stuff i didnt know, so i guess it’s overwhelming and i wanted to know how one could remember all this info.
    Thanks for the recommendations though. I have about 7 weeks left of my class and prob still have much left to learn.
  6. Certexam2015

    Certexam2015 New Member

    To get prepared for the exam(s) try CertExam.org.

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