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A+ 802 Preparation

Discussion in 'A+' started by NetworkMD, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. NetworkMD

    NetworkMD Bit Poster

    Hi I have several years in IT but not always hands on and I am working to complete my A+

    I read the entire All in One Book from Meyers and watched the current Messers hardware (I do not see any 802 Vids posted yet), used the All in one pratice test 3 times, and I did very well on the 801 exam.

    I would love to hear from experts that have completed the 802 and I welcome any additional steps I should take to prepare for the 802, following are a few specific questions:

    1. Comments on the practice tests that come with the all in one optical media, it seemed to be fairly close for the 801, is it also on the mark for the 802?
    2. Tips on major areas I should focus on. From the practice I noticed several questions regarding Max Drives, Memory requirement type questions so it looks like it is critical to know all of these facts, and I need to brush up on the Command text commands with Gui interface I rarely used those in my day-day work

    Thank you
  2. nXPLOSi

    nXPLOSi Terabyte Poster

    I can't comment on the 801/802 version of the A+, but I can say that when I done the A+ the two exams were very similar in the knowledge required for both. I also used the AIO by Mike Meyers and read it cover to cover, done the two exams about 3 weeks apart if I remember rightly but afterwards felt I could have probably done them one after the after as there was no real "new" knowledge required for the second exam.

    Its worth printing off the requirements from the CompTIA website and ticking off each one when you know your comfortable with the subject, just to ensure nothing is missed.

    Best of luck when you take the 802, I'm sure you'll be fine. 8)
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    WIP: MCSA 2012
  3. NetworkMD

    NetworkMD Bit Poster

    Thanks nXPLOSi good advice

    Yes I have read the AIO cover-cover and testing in the 80+% range on the practice tests that come with the book. I will focus on the weak areas and hopefully be ready for the 802 next wed, the test center in my area is only scheduling the tests on Wed's

  4. NetworkMD

    NetworkMD Bit Poster

    Just returned from the testing center very thankful to have passed the 801 & 802. I took them 1 week apart and passed on the first attempt. Special Thanks to the vid's from Prof Messers and Myers and the AIO Myers book. For me the 802 (Score 784) was much more of a challenge because of the extensive content, and more ambiguous than hardware; at least for me.

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