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    Hi there,

    Currently studying A+ and need some advice.

    In the exam objectives under 5.0 Operational Procedures, it states "Compliance with local government regulations"

    Now I'm using the Complete Study Guide 3rd Ed by Sybex (A Wiley Brand) which is approved training material.

    My question is as I live, work and will be taking the exams in the UK will the "Local government regulations" be changed depending on where the exam is taken?

    My concern is that I study the book and learn all about how the OSHA (US Occupational Safety and Heath Administration) works with the exam and not HSE (UK Health and Safety Executive).

    Personally I don't see why compTIA would change the questions but the question came up in a discussion and compTIA will not say anything about the questions (understandably).

    Has anyone taken the exam and come across this at all? I'm guessing even in the 702 and 802 exam objectives would have a similar scenario.

    Many thanks in advance.

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