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70-680 please help me how to structure everything?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 / 8 /10 Client Exams' started by shocksl, Dec 28, 2011.

  1. shocksl

    shocksl Byte Poster

    I have enquired before on how to revise for this exam.

    Can somebody please tell me how they did it? how they split it. I dont mind putting in a few hours in the evening after work doing this.

    I have the MS Press book, CBT Nuggets, Training Signal and VMware with win 7 on it.

    I hope somebody can give me a rough guid on how to study. how much notes etc do you make per chapter/ lesson etc
  2. ChrisH1979

    ChrisH1979 Byte Poster

    Read the book, take notes on most things but make them more like a list of facts. Do the labs, expand on them and play around with different things. Make sure you are familiar with all the skills measured TS: Windows 7, Configuring .
    Certifications: MCITP:SA, MCSA, MCTS:Win 7, Application Infrastructure
  3. shocksl

    shocksl Byte Poster

    THANK YOU...How much notes do you make?
  4. Johnd76

    Johnd76 Megabyte Poster


    It will vary from person to person, i only take notes on stuff that im unsure of, on how to revise I usualy spend 1 or 2 hours reading then watch a couple of videos and then spend some time "messing" with windows 7.
    Certifications: MCP, MCDST
    WIP: Not a thing
  5. Jiser

    Jiser Kilobyte Poster

    I am attempting to do 680 as well. Studying is hard work and it does require dedication even for the easier of the certs.

    Ive managed degrees and stuff but I still find it hard to apply myself to study.

    MY advise is to simply get on with it. Thats the only way. Sit down, dedicate your time, lockyourself away with a coffee and do it.

    At the moment I am watching CBT Nuggets and other training videos every night. During lunch at work I listen to some prof meyer. Once i been through the video /audio courses ill go over the material again through reading, test taking to find weak points and then improve on them. Sometimes when I am playing games ill turn the video games down and have the cbt nuggs playing over the top of it.
    Certifications: BSc (Hons), PGc, MCTS:Win 7, MCSA W7/MCITP EDST, ITIL Foundation, Prince 2 Foundation, C&G: Web Design, MOS 07: Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Outlook.
  6. algorithm&blues

    algorithm&blues Nibble Poster

    I found 70-680 hard, even failing my first effort (682), I then turned that around and got 1000 a fortnight later.

    My failure was my first attempt at a cert. exam in over 5 years so my initial preparation was terrible.

    My general revision plan for any exam is this:
    Read the MSPress version (more difficult with 70-680 because the text is apparently not great) in full and condense that down into 150-200 pages of the "need to know" stuff.
    Professor Messers videos.
    Building, rebuilding and completely breaking a Windows 7 setup constantly.
  7. shocksl

    shocksl Byte Poster

    how do you actually break the win 7 setup in vwmare?

    Is there any indication in the book as to when to use the vmware or sort?

    Theres so many cmds to remember, how much of this actually stays in your head?
  8. Boffy

    Boffy Megabyte Poster

    Install VMware, then in the 2nd or 3rd chapter it gets you to install Windows 7 - just create a new Virtual Machine and follow the book by installing Windows 7.

    In regards to commands, you simply need to learn them. Using them often helps, but most of them time you won't use them on a day-to-day basis.

    Write down the command and ask yourself what you want the command to do. If you can imagine what you want the command to do, you might be able to picture the command line in your head.
    Certifications: BSc Computer Game Technology, A+
    WIP: MOS 2010
  9. shocksl

    shocksl Byte Poster

    thank you very much mate!! you have made that clear for me!

    so i wont need to use the vmware till chapter 2 or 3?

    Lastly what kinds of notes do you recommend?

    everyones been repped btw :)

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