70-410 - Failed. Now what?

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by Cobi, Dec 5, 2013.

  1. Cobi

    Cobi New Member

    So I thought I was ready for this test, apparently not! I am blown away at how different the exam felt from all of the studying and prep I did. Is this normal? I have been in IT for 15 years and taken other Microsoft classes, but never gone for a cert before.

    I took an week long instructor lead online course last fall. I have spent the last year building, installing and working on at least a handful of customers' 2012 servers (among many other duties). I bought the Microsoft Press "Installing and Configuring Microsoft Server 2012 Training Guide" along with the 70-410 Exam Reference Guide (or something like that). I had a subscription to the crammaster practice exam site and found other sample questions from tech-faq.com.

    I spent the last month reading and studying pretty hard and just felt like the test I took today was not at all a reflection of what I studied. I knew I was in trouble about 5 questions in. I was actually second guessing if they loaded up the right test!

    Very frustrated as it was a big investment for my employer in the course, resources, time off, test fee and travel expense, etc.... not to mention my time investment. Also got the pleasure of driving 500 miles round trip through a snow storm in the mountains to go fail this. I feel like I have to start over from scratch.

    Not sure if it is appropriate to post your score (haven't been on here before), but if anything I want to figure out far off I was (pretty far off). I'm planning to email my instructor, but also looking for any advice on better books, practice exam sites, etc....

    PS - Already saw the post for the second chance vouchers! That may come in handy.
  2. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Pick yourself up and go for it again.

    Take a look at your score sheet and see if you can determine where your weaknesses were. Brush up on those areas.

    Don't feel that you have wasted all of that time and effort. You haven't. You know a lot more about something than you did this time last year.

    If your employer has been footing the bill why not say that you will reimburse the exam costs should you fail again?
  3. rahil

    rahil New Member

    Failed the 70-410 last week after a 12 hour flight.
    Probably not the best idea but I had the opportunity before I had to leave for another job in the outback.

    Score: 560/1000

    I had strength on "Install and Configure Servers", everything else was comparable to "others that has taken this exam" except "Deploy and Configure Core Network Services".

    Training materials was CBT Nuggets, Trainsignal and I read through the whole Exam Ref 70-410: Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 (which I now have donated to a local computer shop in my area).

    I studied actively for about a month.

    After about half way through the exam, I knew I was going to fail it.

    This time I'm not doing the real exam until I have good scores on Transcender.

    I'm looking into getting a book from a different source and do some more lab exercises. Any suggestions are very appreciated.

    It was my first Microsoft exam and a good experience, also I got the second shot offer so looking forward to attempt this exam again when I'm ready.
  4. Cobi

    Cobi New Member

    Sounds exactly like my experience rahil, except I was pretty sure I was gonna fail after about 10 questions. Did you feel the exam questions were VERY different from what you had studied and practiced on?

    You beat me, I got a 472!
  5. kevicho

    kevicho Gigabyte Poster

    I would say with any exam its not you that failed, more your preparation material. I have worked in IT for years and done stuff way beyond the exam and still failed a few due to bad prep and relying on materials which don't cover what's tested.

    This is not your fault so don't feel down.

    My advice. Download as many TechNet articles as you can find that cover the material the exam specification, get as many of your resources as possible from there, also the MVA looks good as well and I shall be using that when I've finished my 2008 stuff.
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  6. FlashDangerpants

    FlashDangerpants Byte Poster

    Between taking that course and now, the exam has changed to reflect R2 of Server 2012. Do your materials cover this version?
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  7. gdbrook

    gdbrook New Member

    I've just taken and failed 410, scored 620, I've been doing MCP exams since the days of 95 and NT4, I don't think there getting harder as such, rather the scope of learning is much broader.
    my exam included quite a bit on R2.
    I use 2012 everyday in my job and its the usual story the area you use your strong on, so now I need to try and gain lots of little bits of extra knowledge in a few areas and hope it makes the difference next time.
  8. DogOne

    DogOne New Member

    You guys are scaring me. I'm also a working IT admin working in Windows Server for years and I have never gotten the cert. If all of those things don't work (I am currently doing most of the things mentioned) I don't know how I'm supposed to accomplish this except for failing over and over again until I figure out how to fill in the gaps? And I pay for a tests, to get a cert to help one of the richest companies in the world make more money? Wow.
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  9. Adzmobile

    Adzmobile Nibble Poster

    You've mentioned working in IT 15 years but never going for a cert before - don't feel down that you failed. Perhaps you do have the knowledge and ability, clearly since you work in the industry. However taking an exam takes a particular mindset and you need to study towards that. Think about how the vendor is going to probe you on the questions and try focus learning the material that way.

    The good news is, that you have given it a go and you will know, what you found difficult and what you need to bush up on. I have taken a fair few exams and failed a few also - don't get yourself down about it, it happens. Its always about how you pick your self up and try again. Learning something in more detail is never a bad thing, if anything will make you better at your job and help you see things in perhaps in a different light.
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  10. Arroryn

    Arroryn we're all dooooooomed Moderator

    To be fair, the OP hasn't posted in this since December. Unless I'm missing something. That being said, who doesn't like a decent juicy necro-thread.

    I tucked 410 and 411 under the belt after a long cert hiatus (admittedly not 15 years, haven't worked in IT for that long). I hit CBT Nuggets hard and labbed like my life depended on it. I read the book cover-to-cover and made sure I had enough practical exposure to back up the books. I've now had a break between those two and 412 (for reasons beyond my control) and find myself now going back over ALL of that to make sure I don't miss any R2 elements for the next exam. Which whomps. Ah well. Good luck to any test-taker that comes across this thread. I repeat again. Make sure you're using the OS before you exam on it. And Powershell. Powershell like your damned life depends on it ;)
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  11. glenn1986

    glenn1986 New Member

    Any update on your progress Cobi? I tend to try to cover all areas by creating a study guide, using a primary resource (like cbtnuggets), a secondary resource (such as technet for referencing), a lab and a practice exam.

    Seems like alot but i have had alot of success with this method!
  12. kingoranks

    kingoranks Bit Poster

    Did the 70-410 last sat failed 680, was really angry and fuming with myself didn't bother to review- went back and smashed 800+ lol.
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  13. kevb1981

    kevb1981 New Member

    Hi everyone, I am currently studying for the 70-410. Reading everyone's comments has frightened me a bit now. I don't work in IT, im trying to start a new career in it. A lot of you guys have had many years working in IT and are failing, so I am thinking what chance has little old me got. I have loads of training material, CBT Nuggets, and the complete study guide. So what do you guys think, do you think its possible for someone with no years experience to pass?
    Any feed back would be great.

    Many thanks
  14. PrizyDee

    PrizyDee New Member

    :(Also experienced the same. I've enrolled for MCSA at Boston right after finishing High School. Lol little did I know what I was getting myself into. I did 70-687 and passed it at first attempt. Recently did 70-410 and failed with 653/1000. I'm now preparing for a retake. I did well on all other objectives, Like all 60%+ well and failed miserably at Deploy and Configure Core Network Services. I think it's because I don't have enough study materials at my disposal, just Testout & the MCSA 70-410 book provided. Server proves to be challenging for me as I've never seen it's interface in my whole life. It's all new to me and I also don't have lab tests, which makes me think I chose the wrong way to get into the IT industry. Should've opted for something more Entry-Level or so to speak.
  15. Braindumpspdf

    Braindumpspdf Banned

    Passing the Microsoft 70-411 exam isn't the huge issue now. I take this exam a couple of months back and was not able locate the significant dumps. However, later I found the refreshed and legitimate 70-411 dumps which clears my exam in first endeavor.
  16. Braindumpspdf

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    70-411 exam preparation material
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    Microsoft 70-411 exam study guide,
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    Microsoft 70-411 dumps pdf,
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