70-294 QOTD for June 18th

Discussion in 'Active Directory Exams' started by tripwire45, Jun 18, 2004.

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    Jak is a network administrator for a multi-domain Windows Server 2003 network. The network has three domains: Europe, Asia, and Americas. A user named Ryan has just moved from the Europe domain to the Americas domain. Ryan has permissions to access certain resources in all three domains. Jak wants to verify that Ryan’s user object has been properly moved. Which of the following statements is true? Choose all that apply.

    A. The Europe domain’s RID Master deletes Ryan’s user object from that domain.
    B. The Infrastructure Master in the Europe domain records the change.
    C. The RID Master makes sure that Ryan’s object is only moved to the Americas domain.
    D. The Infrastructure Master and the Global Catalog server must be on the same server in order to record the movement of a user object from one domain to another.
    E. The Infrastructure Master in the Asia domain records the move of Ryan’s user object.

    Answer later.
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    a bit of guess work but im gonna say A B C E
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    A B and C make sense to me, no idea about D and I suspect that the domain in Asia would also need to know too, so E too. :oops:
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    Correct answer time: ACE. The Infrastructure master registers changes on AD objects it has a reference to. The user Ryan has access to resources in the Asia domain but is not a member of Asia. Since the Infrastructure master would record changes only in objects of reference and not in those that are inside its domain, B would be incorrect but E would be correct. D is incorrect because although MS recommends that the Infrastructure Master and the GC server be in the same site, they must not actually be on the same server.
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