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Discussion in 'Windows 7 / 8 /10 Client Exams' started by mojorisin, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. mojorisin

    mojorisin Kilobyte Poster

    Hi all

    Decided to start the 70-270 track after getting sidetracked too easily when trying to do the win2k track

    What i want to know is what you guys recommend as a lab setup for practicing the 70-270 exam

    i have the hardware rather than bother with vmware or virtual pc

    i have at present
    one server with 2003 server installed
    2 blank pc's with no OS installed

    is one server one pc sufficent for this exam or are more machines needed ?

    was thinking of sharing the i386 folder from the server and doing network install of xp onto one of the blank pc's

    i have not really done these type of installs as i tend to use RIS mostly at work as i have all my images sorted for each scenario

    so i need to concentrate more on the riprep, network installs and upgrades

    although i have been using XP at work/home for the last 2 years thought it was about time that i got some certs to go with my own built up experience

    any help would be great also if you have any questions as to my thoughts so far then feel free to post
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  2. tripwire45
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    Maybe you are looking at this from the wrong end of the telescope. Take a look at your study materials and such and see what the labs require. Then try to configure your physical lab based on the exercises you will be trying to perform. You may have to reconfigure your lab, work with it, blow it away, and reconfigure it again to get a handle on all the tasks you want to perform.
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  3. mojorisin

    mojorisin Kilobyte Poster

    Should also have mentioned that i have been an assistant administrator for about 3 1/2 years on a windows 2000/2003 network

    so i have experience of win2k, winxp, server 2000 server 2003 exchange 5.5 and 2000

    upgraded from win95, 98 to 2000 then XP and also from pop email to exchange based

    but not having been there when it was setup you dont get to see the whole picture for the domain side so just looking for any tips that you might have rather than follow the book verbatim as sometimes this gets a bit dull :blink

    I hate exams that i why i have constantly put them off all the time

    think this is more a help keep me motivated plea ..... :biggrin :blink

    iam really bad at studying but hope to get into it this time

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  4. Taz69

    Taz69 Byte Poster

    With 3 PCs at your disposal I think I would set up one as a DC, one as a member server and the third one as a client. I expect that you could make do with 2 PCs and a crossover cable for most of the 290 but as you progress you'll need a 3rd PC. Also don't dismiss vmware or Virtual PC/Server as these are ideal products to bring up additional machines to test specific features as required.

    As for studying from a book being dull :study I could not agree more :ohmy it sounds like you have the right background to make light work of the Yarda yarda Yar as you should already have the experience to put things into context PDQ.
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