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Discussion in 'Just for Laughs' started by Mr.Cheeks, Apr 14, 2006.

  1. Mr.Cheeks

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    Four strangers were traveling together in the same compartment of a European train. Two men and two women faced each other. One woman was a very wealthy and sophisticated 70-year-old lady decked out in the finest furs and jewelry. Next to her sat a beautiful 19-year-old woman who looked like something right off the cover of a fashion magazine. Across from the older lady was a very mature-looking man in his mid-40s who was a highly decorated sergeant major in the army. And next to the sergeant major sat a young private fresh out of boot camp.

    As these four strangers traveled, they chatted about trivial things until they entered an unlighted tunnel. There they sat in complete darkness and total silence until the sound of a distinct kiss broke the silence; following the kiss, a loud slap could be heard throughout the cabin.

    In the ensuing period of silence, the four strangers sat quietly with their thoughts.

    The older lady was thinking, "Isn't it wonderful that even in this permissive day and age, there are still young women who have a little self-respect and dignity?"

    The young woman, shaking her head and greatly puzzled, asked herself, "Why in the world would any man in his right mind want to kiss an old fossil like that when I'm sitting here?"

    The sergeant major, rubbing his sore face, was outraged that any woman could ever think that a man in his position would try to sneak a kiss in the dark.

    And the private, grinning from ear to ear, was thinking, "What a crazy and mixed-up world this is when a private can kiss the back of his hand and then smack a sergeant major in the face and get away with it!"

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