3rd line support jobs paying 18-20k?

Discussion in 'Employment & Jobs' started by Juelz, May 12, 2020.

  1. Juelz

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    I've seen a number of jobs being advertised at 18-20k yet want you to provide 1st-3rd line support? do you think this is fair? I get paid much more than that and do 1st line, I'd really love to have a conversation with these companies wanting to pay 18k per year for a 3rd line support tech with 2-3 years experience as a requirement, it's laughable and an insult at the same time.
  2. Pseudonym

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    Some companies are smaller/have smaller tech budgets. They're a really good place to jump in and get experience. I've always been of the opinion that if you want to make more money in the future, you're better off playing the long game. A year or 2 doing 3rd line in a small company can give you the necessary experience to go and do it somewhere else with a better pay packet.
  3. Ex
    Exactly !!! Well said !!

    Plus there are plenty of good quality IT pros that are out of work and will be happy to work for that !

    Great place to get experience !

    Work for a year or two

    And then change for somethimg better paid !

    I did this too !

    I was able to excel in my career much quicker
  4. FlashDangerpants

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    A lot depend on how they are defining the lines. By one method first line is allowed to answer th phone and log a query, second line is allowed to add and remove users in AD and basic stuff, and third line is allowed to stand up a new server or something. In that case I guess they would be saying you have the keys to the kingdom, which could be ok.

    In the other way of viewing things, first line escalates to second, and third line handles stuff that second line cannot. I'm not sure that would work out so well with a 20K budget.
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  5. Plenty of people with the skillset would !

    There are so many people thats out of work !

    Plus there are people that have immagrated and they will do whatever
  6. Juelz

    Juelz Gigabyte Poster

    Then that is called exploitation and that's plain wrong.
    I do feel like many employers will use the fact people are now out of work due to the pandemic to their advantage.

  7. How is it exploitation when the worker agrees for it

    Its all signed

    Its a two way streak

    Plus most IT engineers are just professional googlers

    Lets keep it real
  8. Juelz

    Juelz Gigabyte Poster

    Thats not quite how things work.. you are exploting the fact someone is desperate for money and will work for a lesser wage because of their personal circumstances.

    There are immigrants that will work for peanuts (Sometimes illegally) just because they can’t find work. Just because an employer can legally pay the bare minimum doesn’t make it right or fair.
  9. Pseudonym

    Pseudonym Kilobyte Poster Premium Member

    Probably more than 90% of businesses are having having their budgets slashed due to descreased revenue, and can't afford to pay people as much as they could before the pandemic. That's not exploitation. That's running a financially responsible business, and in the long term it benefits the employees too because the business is in a better position to weather a storm like the current one.

  10. Just like the exploitation that goes into

    Making our clothes

    As well as our cellphones

    And everything we have in our house.

    At the end of the day, the employees are not forced to

    They choose to do so ! They can leave at any time.

    Nothing wrong with taking an advantage


    we are all here to make money

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