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291 -- Problem in RRAS (Relay Agent) for DHCP 291

Discussion in 'Network Infrastructure' started by aman0999, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. aman0999

    aman0999 New Member

    Dear Sr.Members of Cert Forum

    I am facing the problem in Relay Agent of Routing and Remote access console sub feature. I have the course material provided by MS press and Sybex Inc but i didn't find complete practical in that regarding Relay Agent. I would be thankful to you.
    MY Problem Senario ::
    I have 3 PC's for My Practical of Relay Agent.I want a PC on other subnet without having DHCP Server to forward the DHCP brodcast Request via Relay agent to the PC in its subnet to the DHCP server on the other subnet . My settings are as follow:
    Server 1 : DC (Contoso.com) + DHCP Server having 2 scopes in Super Scope
    e.g 1 for 172.16.x.x
    2nd for 192.168.5.x

    Server 1
    IP ::

    Server 2 :: Relay Agent in Contoso.com but diffirent IP with 2 Lan Cards
    (WAN) NIC 1 = IP
    Gateway =
    (LAN) NIC 2 = IP
    DNS = NIL
    Client XP 1 = Connected Directly to Server 2 Via Crossover cable to its NIC 2
    NIC = IP (Obtain Automatically via DHCP on the other Subnet)

    Amanullah Khan

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