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Discussion in 'Internet, Connectivity and Communications' started by AJ, Oct 17, 2005.

  1. AJ

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    Anyone got any thought on THIS

    Just thought it was interesting and a bit faster the 8meg 8)
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  2. noelg24

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    this has been going round for a while now AJ...Phoenix is currently using their 8Meg...you would think someone like him would opt for the 24Mb...but no he chose 8Mb...everyone has their preference and all that...but it is a good deal...but again the snag is the whole exchange thingy...first it needs to be LLU (local loop unbundling) then if u r within reasonable distance you can get the full whack of 24Mb (which is used with the new ADSL2+ technology) otherwise your stuck on 8Mb on some exchanges...so yeah good deal...but since I am telewest I am happy to wait for my free upgrade to 10Mb which should happen by end of the year or beginning of next...
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  3. Phoenix
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    err, im not using there 8mb, nor would i use any product from a company with no presence in the UK
    during the last discussion about this you will recall i pointed out that speed is not everything when it comes to a worthwhile internet connection, and I am quite content with Zens 2mb package :)
    ill wait for BT to roll out BT MAX to my exchange for my 8mb with Zen thanks :)
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  4. noelg24

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    oh that was it...it was Zen you are with...my mistake mate...dunno what made me think u were with Be...but thanks for clearing it up mate...
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