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2 Quick Q's RE: NTFS Change Permission & Shared folder perms.

Discussion in 'General Microsoft Certifications' started by mjtibbs, Oct 3, 2006.

  1. mjtibbs

    mjtibbs Bit Poster

    Hi lads,

    Can someone please clarify what the NTFS "change" permission does.

    Does it give a user any other permissions apart from being able to change the current permissions of a file or folder.

    I suppose technically it would allow anything because you could change the perms of a file/folder to anything you wanted?

    Also, Im a little confused as to the seperate permissions for:

    NTFS Permissions & Shared Folder Permission.

    Ultimatley, If I wanted a particuluar group to have write access to a folder (eg sales).... I take it I would have to Allow Write permissions to both the NTFS permissions and also the Shared Folder permissions of the sales folder?

    I imagine you could not write with only one or the other permission?

    Thanks alot guys.. hope i'm clear in my questions.

    Certifications: MCSA, OSCP, MCTS Config SharePoint 2007
  2. rockstar6181

    rockstar6181 Byte Poster

    share permissions are used when accessing files/folders over a network, The NTFS persmissions are more specfic and can be used locally.
    Certifications: A/N+ MCSA 2003
  3. Bluerinse
    Honorary Member

    Bluerinse Exabyte Poster

    Certifications: C&G Electronics - MCSA (W2K) MCSE (W2K)
  4. mjtibbs

    mjtibbs Bit Poster

    thanks alot guys, thats helped loads :D
    Certifications: MCSA, OSCP, MCTS Config SharePoint 2007

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