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Discussion in 'Security Exams' started by mrobinson52, Jan 29, 2006.

  1. mrobinson52

    mrobinson52 Security Maven Gold Member

    Not surprised you have not seen this number. This is the 70-214 in the academic version. I found out a week and a half ago that this program at our school had a special price but was expiring at the end of the month. Glutton for punishment that I am, and cheap to boot, I jumped at the chance.

    The results were not pretty. I needed 700 to pass, I got 427. :(

    I did learn, however, that the Microsoft tests are a lot harder than they used to be, and ever single one had a long drawn out scenario. You have 50 questions and 150 minutes to take the test, and it takes almost all that time if you read slowly like I do.

    The questions are very wordy! "You are the administrator of a domain. On Monday, you apply a specialized security template to your domain. On Tuesday you walk your dog. On Wednesday you groom your dog. On Thursday the boss tells you there is a special emergency patch that you have to apply immediately. On Friday the boss is out playing golf. Friday afternoon, users report that they have trouble logging on."

    You get three or more paragraphs like that (I made it all up mind you, no braindumping here!) and then you are supposed to pick from 4 or 5 equally verbose answers.

    Watch out for the answers! Some of them look identical, and you have to read carefully for the one word that is different between the two. :blink
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  2. simongrahamuk
    Honorary Member

    simongrahamuk Hmmmmmmm?

    Thanks for the heads up Mary.

    Well, look at it this way, at least you now know how much work you'll need to put into it to pass.

  3. ffreeloader

    ffreeloader Terabyte Poster

    From what I understand that's a pretty tough test anyway, Mary. It's about along the lines of 70-216 as far as difficulty, so just jumping into with little if no preparation is reason enough to fail it for anybody....
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  4. mrobinson52

    mrobinson52 Security Maven Gold Member

    On Tuesday I took the retake, since I had only until the end of the month. All the cramming over the weekend only raised my score by a lousy 38 points. But now the pressure is off, so along with the college studies, I will work on getting up to speed on this test, so that I will be ready for one of the GetCertified4less voucher sales and then take it when I feel that I have a chance to pass.

    Certifications: A+, Network+, MCSA:Security, Security+

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