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VCP7-DTM 2V0-751

Discussion in 'VMware Certifications' started by waltonharsy, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. waltonharsy

    waltonharsy New Member

    Share some VCP7-DTM 2V0-751 exam questions and answers below.
    To use PCoIP with a physical machine, what must be installed on the machine?
    A. Nvidia K2 Grid card
    B. Teradici hardware card
    C. Unidesk agent software
    D. Wireless network card
    Answer: B

    An administrator is creating an instant clone pool. During the Add pool wizard process, the Administrator gets to the vCenter Server page, selects “Instant Clones” and notices that the “Next” button is grayed out. What is the cause?
    A. The administrator must open PowerCLI, issue the cmdletmkfs –t ext3 /“My Folder”/”My Disks”to add additional space.
    B. The VMware View Connection Server service is halted and must be restarted.
    C. The administrator does not have sufficient privileges.
    D. In the wizard, the Administrator must click on the desired vCenter server in the vCenter Server section.
    Answer: D

    Which two operating systems are supported when creating a master image for instant clones? (Choose two.)
    A. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2
    B. Microsoft Windows 8.1
    C. Microsoft Windows 10
    D. Microsoft Windows 7
    Answer: C,D

    When configuring a Microsoft Windows 2012 R2 virtual machine as a single-session View desktop, what Microsoft Windows role or feature must be installed to access the desktop using HTML?
    A. Remote Access
    B. Desktop Experience
    C. Hyper-V
    D. Web Server (IIS)
    Answer: C

    Where can an administrator verify that the vSphere Infrastructure version will support the latest version of View?
    A. Known Issues list for Horizon 7
    B. VMware Hardware Compatibility List
    C. VMware Product Interoperability Matrixes
    D. Release Notes for Horizon 7
    Answer: B

    When troubleshooting issues with the View Agent, which tool can be used to generate a Data Collection Tool (DCT) bundle?
    A. msiexec
    B. vdmadmin
    C. vdmutil
    D. lmvutil
    Answer: B

    After creating a new desktop pool that contains customization specifications, the administrator sees the following message in the VMware Horizon event database:
    Provisioning error occurred for Machine Machine_Name: Customization failed for Machine
    What are the two most likely causes of this problem? (Choose two.)
    A. The administrator does not have sufficient permissions to access the customization specification.
    B. Desktops can only be customized after the end user logs into the virtual machine.
    C. The customization specification has been renamed or deleted.
    D. Desktop pool provisioning is disabled.
    Answer: C,D

    Which two capabilities are true for Writable Volumes? (Choose two.)
    A. They can be used to enable users to install their own applications.
    B. They can be used to store local profile information.
    C. They can be used with RDS session hosts.
    D. They can be connected to more than one virtual machine at the same time.
    Answer: A,B

    What task is a prerequisite before installing View Composer?
    A. Configure an SSL Certificate for View Composer that is signed by a Certificate Authority (CA).
    B. Enable TLSv1.0 security protocol.
    C. Create a database and data source name (DSN).
    D. Pair the connection server with the security server.
    Answer: C

    Which device section contains a VMware Mirage endpoint that could be centralized utilizing Wake-on-LAN?
    A. Assigned Devices
    B. Rejected Devices
    C. Problematic Devices
    D. Pending Devices
    Answer: D

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