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    by Published on 23-Nov-2006 06:17 AM

    David Burrows is Director of Education/Voluntary Markets and Public Sector Marketing/Strategic Programs at Microsoft UK. He oversees all of the company’s activities in the education market, including Microsoft’s commercial agreements with schools, colleges and universities; as well as efforts to improve ICT access for learners and programmes to provide ICT training for teachers and a range of projects to provide people with skills for the IT workplace.
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    by Published on 23-Nov-2006 02:36 AM
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    CertForums had an amazing opportunity to interview Mike Meyers the president and co-founder of Total Seminars, LLC. Mike has written numerous computer certification books, including the best-selling All-in-One A+ Certification Exam Guide and Mike is the series editor and namesake of the Mike Meyers’ Certification Passport series of certification books published by McGraw-Hill/Osborne.